This informal and no-frills digital rights jobs list started in 2014 while I was teaching a seminar called Business, Human Rights, and the Internet as an adjunct faculty member in the Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) Program at Georgetown University. The list was originally intended for MSFS students, and then over the years it expanded to include law, business, and policy students, journalists, human rights activists, academics, government officials, tech company employees, and others. 

The main goal has been to encourage brilliant people like you to continue to be advocates for digital rights as you work in civil society, industry, government, academia, press, think tanks, as independent experts or activists, and beyond. We need so many more people going into and staying in this field. We try to include roles that cover the intersection of policy, law, and digital rights. We are committed to making it inclusive both in positions listed and audience reached.

We also share interviews with digital rights practitioners – from all sectors – about their own paths to, in, and beyond this field. With hope, you’ll find lots of useful professional and personal insights.

Special thanks to my colleague Rebeca Joy West who re-configured the former jobs list and built a much more sensible one, first using Twitter’s Revue platform and now using Substack. If you have a digital rights related position open in your organization or see positions on social media or elsewhere and would like us to include those announcements, you can send those to

Disclaimer: I’m not a careers expert, and I’m relying on my own experience in policy, law, and digital rights and especially on the lessons I’ve learned from mentors, students, friends, and from my own mistakes.

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